New version available for Atlantic Glory and sister ships

  • For the AI model "Atlantic Glory" and its sister ships a new version (1.1) is available in the SimDocks download area. The model and the routes have been optimized for P3D V4.x and V5.x and the effects file has also been adapted.

    To install the new version you must :

    1. replace the folder "SimDocks_AI_Atlantic_Glory" in the folder Your Ship Directory/Boats/ with the new folder

    2. replace in your ship's directory/effects the file "SimDocks_wake_Atlantic_Glory.fx" with the new file from the download and

    3. replace in your ship's directory/scenery the file "traffic_SimDocks_EU_Atlantic_Glory.bgl" with the new file from the download.


    Ich grüße alle Salzhäute und Teerzöpfe und auch die Pechvögel, die nicht an der Küste wohnen ;)

    Greetings to all salt skins and tar plaits and also to the unlucky birds, which do not live at the coast ;)


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