Ruegen bridge 1.1.0

Since the Rügen Bridge in Stralsund was missing in the MSFS so far, I took care of it and rebuilt it.

Ruegen bridge - Stralsund Ruegen bridge - Stralsund

The Rügen Bridge in Stralsund connects the island of Rügen with the mainland. the "new" Rügen Bridge was completed in 2007. The centerpiece, of the altogether 4100 m long crossing, is the 2831 m long high bridge over the Strelasund.

The installation is quite simple:

In the community folder:

Simply unzip the zip file in the community folder and delete the zip file after unzipping.

In an external addon folder with AddonLinker

Unzip the ZIP file in your desired addon folder and then activate it in Addon-Linker. After unpacking, the zip file can be deleted again.

Known issues:

Unfortunately, the road traffic goes under the bridge instead of over it. Unfortunately, I have not found any hints on how to change this, neither in the SDK documentation, nor in the forums.

For questions about the models/sceneries please use the support section in the forum.


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  • Version 1.1.0

    The bridge was better adapted to the ground picture.