Oil rig "MAERSK Intrepid" 1.0.0

This addon contains the drilling platform "MAERSK INTREPID", as well as the two offshore suppliers "MAERSK STARFISH" and "FUTURE ENERGY GOLFBREKER". Both in reality and in this add-on, the platform is at the position: 60°30'20.99 "N; 2° 0'54.26 "E.

Oil rig "Maersk Intrepid" Oil rig "Maersk Intrepid"

It is approached by the two ships on 4 different routes.


Bergen (Norway) → Intrepid and back

Intrepid → Stavanger (Norway) and back


Intrepid → Skagen (Denmark) and back

Aberdeen (Scotland) → Intrepid and back

Of course, the ships dock precisely at the drilling platform as well as in the ports.

The ORBX world (FTX Global, FTX Vector, FTX OpenLC Europe) serves as a basis for the docking points in the ports, therefore I recommend this area scenery combination also for the use for this AddOn.

With other surface scenarios was not tested, therefore I cannot say whether the docking points then also fit.

More about this addon in the manual below.

Compatibility: P3D V1-3, FSX

For questions about the models/sceneries please use the support section in the forum.

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  • Version 1.0.0