Fictitious hospital ship "Robert Koch 1.0.0

The idea for this ship came to me when I saw a photo of the "USNS Comfort", the largest hospital ship in the world.

Fictitious hospital ship "Robert Koch" Fictitious hospital ship "Robert Koch"

So I searched for further hospital ships and found that even more nations - including China - and some private organisations - maintain such ships. So I thought it would certainly be a good thing for the German reputation in the world if we had a hospital ship too for missions in crisis and disaster areas. Quite apart from the fact that such a model does very well in the simulator too AND will definitely provide some variety in the ship's palette and movement on the virtual seas.

I then thought about how big such a ship would have to be to have everything you need for such missions on board. Surely it doesn't have to be as huge as the "USNS Comfort", which was built on the basis of a super tanker.

I built the "Robert Koch" on the basis of a ferry construction modified by me.

It is 220 m long, 22 m wide and has a draught of 6 m. It measures 38 m from the keel line to the top of the mast and 28 m from the waterline to the chimney top.

In the 6 m nave below the waterline are the engine rooms, the ship's technology as well as the magazines for food, medicine, hygiene and everything else you need on board a ship.

For more details and installation instructions, see the manual at the bottom of this page.

The routes included in the download are based on FTX Global, FTX Open LCEurope and FTX Vector. If other sceneries are used, small problems may occur when fitting the routes.

Further information about the ship, the routes and the installation can be found in the manual.

Compatibility: P3D V1-5, FSX

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  • Version 1.0.0