The SimDocks "Easter egg" 2020

  • The Inner and Outer Alster are truly the heart of Hamburg. Here is the 3D scenery of both lakes for the P3D V4+ - and the best thing is, the download is free for registered SimDocks-users!

    The product page and the download will be activated on 10.4.2020 at 00:00 UTC.

    As a foretaste here is a short video!

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    Ich grüße alle Salzhäute und Teerzöpfe und auch die Pechvögel, die nicht an der Küste wohnen ;)

    Greetings to all salt skins and tar plaits and also to the unlucky birds, which do not live at the coast ;)


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    Win10 64Bit, i7-8700 3.70-4.60 GHz, MB ROG STRIX Z370H GAMING, GTX 1070, 32 MB RAM, P3D 5HF1,

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    Changed the title of the thread from “The SimDocks easteregg 2020” to “The SimDocks "Easter egg" 2020”.