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    Now the second container terminal "Altenwerder" is completed.

    Although the terminals "Tollerort" and "Altenwerder" are the two small terminals, thousands of objects have already been created by hand and also placed by hand. Slowly I dream at night already of containers, container trucks, container forklifts.....

    Actually, this project is much too extensive and too big for a "one man show".

    Therefore, I am also very grateful that Henrik Nielsen (KL791) allowed me to use some of his large container ships from the "Global AI Ship Traffic" in this project as static ships at the piers of the terminals. Otherwise I would have had to build them as well.

    But Henrik's ships will not only liven up the port of Hamburg statically, but also on the move. More about this in the coming weeks.

    Here are the first pictures from "Altenwerder":

    First, an overview of the terminal by day and by night:



    The 3 ships at the rear pier are static, the front area of the pier remains free for moving ships. The two large container freighters are from Henrik, the smaller one in the foreground is one of my own ships.


    Even though the terminal is not the largest, it can accommodate thousands of containers. Container....Container........................and container cranes.


    So many containers can effectively only be transported by rail. Therefore, there are of course the large gantry cranes of rail loading and kilometer-long trains with containers.


    Right next to the terminal is an industrial area. Again, all objects (except the buildings) and vegetation were built/placed by hand.

    The next 5 pictures show different views of the industrial area during the day:






    A container sorting crane in close-up view:


    Road traffic in the industrial area during the day and at night (static and moving).



    Night in the industrial area:



    Night shift at the port:


    Next up are the two huge container terminals "Burchardkai" and "Eurokai". Each of these terminals has as many containers as Tollerort and Altenwerder together. A pure sysiphean task - I think I'm going to get stupid.=O

    But what's the saying? "Do not blame anyone, you yourself wanted it"

    More pictures will follow when the next terminal is ready.

    Ich grüße alle Salzhäute und Teerzöpfe und auch die Pechvögel, die nicht an der Küste wohnen ;)

    Greetings to all salt skins and tar plaits and also to the unlucky birds, which do not live at the coast ;)


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    After 9 days of work, the "Burchardkai Terminal" is now also completed.

    I will not show many detailed pictures of containers, so here are just a few overview pictures of the terminal (with labels):






    Next is the EUROGATE terminal (the large open area in the background of the last two pictures).

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    Since I could see in the last days absolutely no more containers (although the EuroGate terminal is also already with approx. 25% with containers equipped), I turned times to other things in the port of Hamburg.

    Here you can see the two radar beacons Blankeneser upper radar beacon and lower radar beacon.


    The Blankenerser lower radar beacon in large size:


    Yes, and then I didn't like the AI-generated Elbe bridges at all, so I rebuilt them. As you can see on the left side of the pictures, there are still 4 smaller bridges in the area. They will be added later.


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    Today a short progress report.

    The containers in the EUROGATE terminal are now almost all set. Only a few are still missing in small corners, which I have overlooked so far (mostly in the industrial areas).

    At the moment I am assembling the freight trains. For this I had to add some more container wagons to the already existing ones, which I discovered on aerial photos. These are for example wagons with special racks (containers) for pipes and pressure vessels, large overseas crates and machine parts welded in foil.

    Then come the rail loading cranes, the container gantry cranes for the ships, the van carriers, container stackers and the trucks.

    As you can see in the picture below, there are other smaller ore ports besides the big HANSA PORT. These will come (also with the corresponding equipment) after the EUROGATE-TERMINAL.

    At the very end will come the ships and after that I will try to add some human figures.

    So there is still a lot to do until the HH port can go online.


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    Now also the EuroGate terminal together with the associated industrial areas is finally completed.

    Here are a few pictures:

    View over the huge EuroGate terminal at day.....


    ..... and here at night


    Here the area of the railroad loading and the adjacent industrial area with its much forwarding agencies and production plants:


    Of course, as a former trucker, I haven't forgotten the "Trucker Meetingpoint Altenwerder". Here at day.....


    ..... and here at night.


    In addition, some ships from Henrik Nielsen and from SimDocks have been added.

    The AIDA PRIMA (by SimDocks) is now moored at the yet-to-be-built "Cruise Terminal Steinwerder",....


    .... in dry dock at HDW is the "MSC Sinfonia" (by Henrik Nielsen)....


    and a few SimDocks ships have also been added at the landing stages. Among them the paddle steamer "Louisiana Star" and the Helgoland catamaran "Halunder-Jet".


    Since I am often asked in the forums how far I am with the scenery and when it will be released, I have now created a picture that shows the state of completion. I will update this picture every time an area is finished. Explanations to stand see in the picture.


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    Another month has passed and it's time for a new report on the development.

    Due to the Corna pandemic and the bad weather in Hamburg, I had a lot of time to work on the scenery in the past weeks.

    The result is that the small ore port in "Waltershof" and the big ore port "Hansaport", the vehicle port Hamburg, the oil port and the two Kattwyk lift bridges are finished.

    Actually, I thought I only needed to build the two "Rethe bascule bridges" and then I would be done with the area. But when placing the Kattwyk bridges, I noticed that the huge coal-fired power plant "Moorburg" is shown in the default version in a less than rudimentary way. Therefore I decided to build the power plant as well. It will take a good week, but I think it's worth it, because the big power plant is an important landmark that you can see from a distance.

    Everything else in the following pictures.















    More about the scenery in the next report in approx. 4 weeks

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    So, it took a bit longer than a week, but now the Moorburg power plant is ready. There are still one or two conveyor belts and pipe bridges missing, but so that I can meet the deadline, they will be added in a later version.

    Here now a few more pictures of the power plant:

    Bild70_Kraftwerk_Moorburg_2_Tag.jpgOverview from east


    View of the coal conveyor belts leading from the ship's jetty to the circular coal yards.


    Here is an overview from south-west to north-east at night with complete lighting.


    The ship dock. For those who don't know Hamburg and wonder how the ships pass under the two bridges in the background, the bridges are lift bridges with a clearance of 53 meters.

    More development pictures coming soon!

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    There is a change!

    In the last weeks the scenery has evolved quite a bit. In addition, some minor bugs that my beta testers had found have been corrected and some improvements to models have been made.

    At the moment I am still adding many small details like people, everyday sceneries and so on.

    Actually I had planned the release for the middle of July.

    Due to the announcement of ASOBO to release a Germany update in August, I decided to release the scenery after it has been tested under the new conditions.

    It is quite possible that after the update some corrections will be necessary and therefore it makes no sense to release the scenery before.

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    Here are a few more pictures of the work done in the last few weeks:












    That should be enough for today.

    Stay excited!

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    Here is a foretaste of the port of Hamburg in the form of an approx. 8-minute sightseeing flight video:

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    Hallo Jürgen,

    das hört sich an als ob der Sim die Texturen nicht findet.

    Wie hast Du die Szenerie installiert? Direkt in den Community-Ordner oder in einen Addon-Ordner in dem Du die Szenerien mit dem Addon-Linker aktivierst?

    Hast Du noch andere Szenerien des Hafens installiert und aktiv?

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    I am currently running already on SU11 Beta and experienced some problems which are according to my findings based on the Port-of-Hamburg scenery:

    If I load this scenery (using the Add-On-Linker) together with SimWings EDDH and the FENIX A320 everything works fine. But when I afterwards start FSLTL then no parked planes are displayed. Using the same procedure (but disabling the Port-of-Hamburg scenery) FSLTL displays all parked planes without any problem. Additinal to mention that this problem only occurs at Hamburg EDDH - using other scenery then FSLTL displays the parked aircraft without problem. Any solution what I can do because I really like your work.



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    Hello Rolf,

    thanks a lot for your error message!

    However, I would think that the error is less in the HH port scenery and much more in the beta version of SU11.

    The reason is that the scenery does not cause any errors under SU10.

    Now I don't know how long you waited for the parked aircraft to build up when injecting the FSLTL. Possibly it all just takes a little longer under SU11 Beta.

    I will keep an eye on this and see how it develops.

    Ich grüße alle Salzhäute und Teerzöpfe und auch die Pechvögel, die nicht an der Küste wohnen ;)

    Greetings to all salt skins and tar plaits and also to the unlucky birds, which do not live at the coast ;)


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