The Norderelb Bridge - one bridge, two variants

  • The "Norther Elbe Bridge" is a freeway bridge in the course of the Autobahn 1 from Hamburg to Lübeck and further to Puttgarden.

    Because of its red supporting cables that look like rubber bands, it is also popularly known as the "rubber band bridge".

    It was completed in 1963 and can no longer cope with today's traffic. Over the past nearly 60 years, it has become quite dilapidated and is scheduled to be replaced by a new bridge within the next 10 years.

    I have now built both versions - the present and the future one - and uploaded them for MSFS on




    Ich grüße alle Salzhäute und Teerzöpfe und auch die Pechvögel, die nicht an der Küste wohnen ;)

    Greetings to all salt skins and tar plaits and also to the unlucky birds, which do not live at the coast ;)


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