Create AI ship traffic for FSX and P3D 1.0.0

This PDF document explains how anyone can create their own AI ship traffic.

Every "Flusian" will probably agree with us when we say that AI traffic is a fundamental element to breathe realistic life into the flight simulator.

This refers not only to AI air traffic and the cars that populate the roads in today's modern sceneries, but also to the flowing waters and, of course, most especially to the seas and oceans and an associated AI ship traffic.

Henrik Nielsen has given us all an invaluable gift with his "Global AI Ship Traffic for FSX and P3D", bringing the otherwise dead seas in flight simulators to life for the first time.

So that everyone can now create their own ship routes, I make this detailed guide available to the community.


Clicking on the download button at the top of the page will download the German version of the document!

The English version can be found below as a file attachment!