Port of Hamburg (P3D V4+V5) 1.0.0

After 2 years and countless hours of work, the Port of Hamburg finally gets a "face" in P3D (V4 + V5). On a length of 5 km (3 sm) all buildings and port facilities on the northern shore of the port (the river Elbe) were reconstructed by hand and as realistically as possible. Added to this are....

Port of Hamburg P3D V4+V5 Port of Hamburg P3D V4+V5

....Installations and buildings on the south bank, such as the Stage Musical Theater, the German Harbor Museum with the cargo sailing ship "Peking" and also the

Docks 10 and 11 of the shipyard Blom & Voss. The scenery at Dock 10 is already ahead of its time, as it is already depicted as it will only be seen in reality after the conversion in 2021.

Of course, a port also includes ships and boats. While the smaller ships and boats that are part of the port's operations constantly cruise through the harbor, the thick pots, as in reality, come from the North Sea.

Thus, not only in the port, but also on the 100 km river Elbe route between the North Sea and Hamburg, there is a lively ship traffic.

A total of more than 40 different AI ships operate on the Elbe and in the port, so that even on the route to the North Sea not a minute's flight passes without encountering a ship.

  • more than 40 AI ships (with those from SimDocks AI-Ship Traffic)
  • various static ships at the piers
  • countless buildings and port facilities, realistically reproduced by hand over a length of 5 km
  • dynamic lighting that gives the port its world-famous flair
  • Scenery configurator with many configuration possibilities, so that the scenery is adaptable for every PC system.
  • 2-way installer developed by Michael Sagner: The scenery can be installed using the new XML method or the old method using the cfg files.

Product Requirements: Prepare 3D V4.+ or P3D V5+ORBX Germany North.

For questions about the models/sceneries please use the support section in the forum.

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