Hamburg Alster Scenerie 1.0.0

The Alster is a 56 kilometer long tributary of the river Elbe and flows through the southern Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. The most famous and most striking part of the Alster is the Alster lake, which is formed in the middle of Hamburg's city by the Binnenalster (Inner Alster) and the Außenalster (Outher Alster). Thus, the Alster can also be called "the heart of Hamburg".

Hamburg Alster Hamburg Alster

Around the "Außenalster" (outer Alster) , foot and bike paths pass through the Alster garden, which is popular with the Hamburg people for recreation and jogging. The "Außenalster" (outer Alster) itself is mainly used for sailing and rowing as well as for pedal boating and standup paddling.

The four-star Hotel "Vier Jahreszeiten" (Four Season), the traditional "Alsterhaus" department store, as well as the no less famous "Alsterpavillon", are all around the "Binnenalster" (inner Alster). On the southern bank, the "Jungfernstieg", lies the main landing stage for the "white fleet" of the Alster boats (excursion boats).

The scenery was reproduced as real as possible.


  • Scenic size about 182 ha.
  • Custom made models of the "Ballindamm", "Jungfernstieg" and "New Jungfernstieg" with the adjoining buildings, shops and the "Alster Terraces" including restaurants.
  • Hundreds of hand-placed objects such as static sailing boats, pedal boats, rowing boats, tables, chairs and umbrellas in the restaurants and the vegetation around the Alster Lake.
  • Four seasons: spring / summer, autumn, winter and hardwinter configurable via configurator.
  • Dynamic lights on the Alster Terraces, the streets and all landing stages and marinas.
  • Animated people (Bahrometrix "Living People" by Christian Bahr)
  • Animated Alster-Fountain and illuminated Alster Christmas tree at Christmas time (Season-setting Winter).
  • Fully animated boat traffic with Alster tourist boats, sail and police boats, which land accurately at the landing stages.
  • Scenery Configurator with many configuration options so that the scenery is customizable for each PC system.
  • Installer program with selectable installation type - either new XML method or old method via the config files.
  • Detailed manual
  • This scenery is adapted to ORBX Germany North
  • Compatibility: P3D V4.x and V5.x

For questions about the models/sceneries please use the support section in the forum.

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