Ratzeburg Cathedral island 1.0.0

Ratzeburg is a small town in Schleswig-Holstein, directly on the border to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and lies in the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park. The city is known as a climatic health resort and is located on an island in the middle of Lake Ratzeburg, which is why it is also known as an island town. The nearest major cities are Lübeck, Hamburg and Schwerin. Ratzeburg is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

Ratzeburg Cathedral island Ratzeburg Cathedral island

The regional airport Lübeck-Blankensee is only 20 kilometres away and the international airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel is only about 70 kilometres away. Thus, the city with its striking cathedral also serves as a landmark for VFR pilots approaching from the east and southeast.

Actually I had promised a member of the ORBX-Forum only to build the Ratzeburg Cathedral as a POI on the island. But most of the time it comes differently than you think.

The "fast cathedral" then became a more or less complete scenery that encompasses the entire northern half of the cathedral island.

It just didn't look good to just plant the cathedral in the countryside. There was a lot missing to give the island a recognition value. So I built some typical northern German houses with thatched roofs and one or two villas, as well as the marina and the sailing school of the YMCA.

Yes, and a SimDocks scenery without ship traffic is of course unthinkable, that's why I animated the lake with 8 excursion ships and the corresponding routes.

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Compatibility: P3D V1-5, FSX

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