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The former fire boat of the Hamburg fire brigade was built in 1941 at the August Pahl shipyard, building no. 234, on Hamburg-Finkenwerder. It became British war booty in 1945 and in November 1948 it was returned to the Hamburg fire brigade.

Traditional ship "Repsold" Traditional ship "Repsold"

At first the ship's name was "Fire-fighting boat IX", until after approval by the Hamburg Senate on 9 August 1965 the numbers of all fire fighting boats were converted into names.

After that the ship was named OBERSPRITZENMEISTER REPSOLD, after Johann Georg Repsold (+1830) the founder of the Hamburg Fire Department. Until its decommissioning in 1984, it was involved in many fire fighting operations in the port of Hamburg, e.g. during the flood of 1962. Even after that, it was still used as a pump ship due to the pumping systems that were completely intact at the time.

Shortly thereafter, it was sold to private individuals and led a rather sad existence under the name of "Pirate".

In 1987 the "owners' association Fire-fighting boat" acquired the ship and began to rebuild it for its purposes. The owners knew that they could never be a museum ship again after the aft cabin had been built.

Nevertheless, they attached great importance to preserving the crack and all the details of the former fireboat. After the conversion and a further shipyard stay, where the ship received its current colouring, it was christened REPSOLD on 22. 10. 1988 in a merry naming ceremony again in its old name - however without the addition "Oberspritzenmeister" (=chief syringe master).

Today the Repsold is one of the traditional ships in the Port of Hamburg!

Further information about the ship, the routes and the installation can be found in the manual.

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