Airbus Transporter "City of Hamburg" 1.0.0

The "City of Hamburg" is a transport ship which transports aircraft fuselage parts for Airbus between Marseille and Hamburg.

Airbus Transporter "City of Hamburg" Airbus Transporter "City of Hamburg"

The "CoH" does not have a designated heli-deck, but I have designed the upper deck as a hard deck, so that you can also land on it with a helicopter.


The heli landing place is limited (even if generously dimensioned) who gets too far to the edge, falls down!

The CoH travels in a simulator, as in reality, between Marseille and Hamburg. She comes to Hamburg every 2 weeks, because at 25 kn (in real terms she only manages 21 kn) she needs about a week for a course.

Compatibility: P3D V1-5, FSX

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  • Version 1.0.0