River Elbe ferry "Hoopter Seagull" 1.0.0

The ferry "Hoopter Seagull" runs on the river Elbe between the moorings "Zollenspieker" in Hamburg-Kirchwerder and "Hoopte" in Winsen-Luhe on the Lower Saxon side.

River Elbe ferry "Hoopter Seagull" River Elbe ferry "Hoopter Seagull"

On the route between Zollenspieker and Hoopte the double-ended ferries "Hoopter Seagull II" and "Spieker Seagull" are used. Due to the track length of 36 m and the resulting higher vehicle capacity of 26 cars, the Hoopter Seagull II is the larger of the two ferries and is therefore mainly used.

The ferry was used by the Weser ferry Brake - Sandstedt until 2004 and was sold and transferred to Zollenspieker in November 2004. Since then, the ferry has commuted across the Elbe from April to November as the "Hoopter Seagull".

Compatibility: P3D V1-5, FSX

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  • Version 1.0.0