TT-Line Ferries "Peter Pan" & "Nils Holgerson" 1.0.0

The "Peter Pan" and the "Nils Holgerson" are ro-pax ferries operated by the German ferry company TT-Line. The use of the fairy tale figures Peter Pan and Nils Holgersson for the naming of their ships follows a tradition of the TT-Line that goes back to the founding years.

TT-Line Ferries "Peter Pan" & "Nils Holgerson" TT-Line Ferries "Peter Pan" & "Nils Holgerson"

The fifth Peter Pan was laid on 4 September 2000 at SSW Fähr- und Spezialschiffbau GmbH in Bremerhaven. The launch followed on March 3, 2001. The ship was christened on November 3, 2001, after which it began regular service.

The current Nils Holgersson is already the sixth ship of the company to bear this name.

The Nils Holgersson operates on the Baltic Sea between Travemünde (Germany) and Trelleborg (Sweden) together with the identical sister ship Peter Pan. The journey time with today's ferries is between seven and a quarter and nine and a half hours.

Both ships are equipped with a so-called pod propulsion system. Very good manoeuvring characteristics are achieved by these rotating drive nacelles. While sailing in harbours where manoeuvres are performed in confined spaces, the propulsion system is operated in "Revierfahrt" mode, with the nacelles being freely rotatable through 360°. Outside the port at sea, in "sea operation", the nacelles can only be swivelled 35° to port or starboard for safety reasons. This means that it is not easily possible to turn the drives 180° back to "machine", as such a manoeuvre would damage the drive at "full speed ahead".

The respective ship is also recognizable by the fairy tale images of its namesake on both sides.

Due to the relatively limited space available in the engine rooms, the total output of the diesel-electric engine system must be generated by a total of five diesel engines. The four MaK-M43 engines run at a speed of 500 rpm and are coupled to generators. They generate a total electrical output of 26,170 kVA. The MaK-M32 diesel engine drives another generator at 600 rpm, which generates a

further 2,760 kVA.

These models also travel on the routes from Travemünde or Rostock to Trelleborg and dock exactly at the jetties in the ports.

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