Houseboat "Dutch Lady" 1.0.0

The "Dutch Lady" is based on a Dutch "Tjalk". A Tjalk is a historical Dutch type of sailing ship for the Wadden Sea, a Wadden sail ship.

Houseboat "Dutch Lady" Houseboat "Dutch Lady"

The Tjalk has a completely flat floor without beam keel to be able to dry out at low tide, i.e. to touch down. The second characteristic feature are the typical flat-bottomed leeboards. Due to the large width and fullness in relation to the other main dimensions, tjalks have only a low draught and are particularly well suited for navigating in shallow canals and tideways.

For the time being, the boat will be delivered with 21 routes on German rivers and lakes. The routes are based on FTX Global, FTX Open LCEurope and FTX Vector. If other sceneries are used, small problems may occur when fitting the routes.

Further information about the ship, the routes and the installation can be found in the manual.

Compatibility: P3D V1-5, FSX

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  • Version 1.0.0