P3D V1-5: Sceneries

As the title of this category says, here you can find the SimDocks sceneries and scenery models for the P3D (all versions)

  1. This addon contains 3 sceneries: 1. the scenery of Puttgarden on the German island "Fehmarn". 2. the scenery of Rødbyhavn on the Danish island "Lolland 3. the airfield "Maribo" (EKMB) also on the island "Lolland + the animated ferry traffic between the islands
  2. After 2 years and countless hours of work, the Port of Hamburg finally gets a "face" in P3D (V4 + V5). On a length of 5 km (3 sm) all buildings and port facilities on the northern shore of the port (the river Elbe) were reconstructed by hand and as realistically as possible. Added to this are....
  3. The Alster is a 56 kilometer long tributary of the river Elbe and flows through the southern Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. The most famous and most striking part of the Alster is the Alster lake, which is formed in the middle of Hamburg's city by the Binnenalster (Inner Alster) and the Außenalster (Outher Alster). Thus, the Alster can also be called "the heart of Hamburg".
  4. This addon contains the drilling platform "MAERSK INTREPID", as well as the two offshore suppliers "MAERSK STARFISH" and "FUTURE ENERGY GOLFBREKER". Both in reality and in this add-on, the platform is at the position: 60°30'20.99 "N; 2° 0'54.26 "E.
  5. This addon contains the two POI´s sailing ship "Passat" in Travemünde and the submarine "U-995" from the 2nd World War which lies before the naval memorial in Kiel-Laboe.
  6. Ratzeburg is a small town in Schleswig-Holstein, directly on the border to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and lies in the Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park. The city is known as a climatic health resort and is located on an island in the middle of Lake Ratzeburg, which is why it is also known as an island town. The nearest major cities are Lübeck, Hamburg and Schwerin. Ratzeburg is part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.